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The President’s speech last night was one of necessity. The people of this nation must understand that war is long and made up of many battles. The people of today have fallen prey to their own conveniences by believing that what needs to be done can be done multiple times faster than yesteryear.
NASA’s space program is a program that is taking every bit of time needed to strategize, and plan to make their next shuttle launch a successful one. If they were to try to launch a month after the Discovery incident, they would not be showing signs of their concern for getting the job done right.
If we pull out now, or set a deadline, the terrorist attacks would probably stop… at least until we pulled out. Then they’d take over the country because the newly freed people wouldn’t be equipped to defend themselves without proper training. Then all the work we’ve been doing out there would be for nothing but a bigger war in the future that could very well come to our country instead of theirs.

    Time for a RANT
    I just wish that at the same time we were over there, that the President would close our borders. It seems that almost all conservatives, and even some liberals want the border closed. We need to build a wall along the Mexico/US border and put troops all along the border (close enough to see each other, anyway), to protect our border from illegal immigrants/terrorists from infiltrating our population. STOP talking about probable amnesty/immigrant worker programs, because the longer that kind of talk continues, the higher the amount of people crossing our borders illegally gets every day.
    If they don’t watch out, our government will be brought down by the people of this country. Our government was established by the people for the people, and it seems that now the government has turned into an elite group of lawmakers that think they can make and break rules at their convenience for their own political aspirations. Stop with your own agenda, and stand for the agenda of America.

That’s my little rant for the day. I know that building a wall and placing servicemen all along that wall may be a little extreme, but going overboard beats what we’re doing now.
The President’s speech was a good one and necessary. If you didn’t catch it, he promoted a web site to show our support for the troops. This weekend is Independence Day, and a good time to stand together and show our troops how much they mean to us. Visit to send a message to our troops overseas.

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