Battle Cry for a Generation

I recently found Battle Cry, a web site devoted to spreading the Gospel of Christ to teens in the Millennial Generation (those born from the mid 1980s to now.
There’s some startling facts and truths revealed on the impact that our country’s slide from God has caused. Back in the early 1900s, almost all of the nations people were qualified as Evangelical Christians. Since then, there has been a dramatic fall in those numbers. For instance, today, only 35% of the Baby Boomer Generation are qualified Evangelical Christians.

An Evangelical Christian is a person who:
– believes that Jesus Christ is the sole source of salvation through faith in Him,
– has personal faith and conversion with regeneration by the Holy Spirit,
– recognizes the inspired word of God as the only basis for faith and Christian living,
– and is committed to Biblical preaching and evangelism that brings others to faith in Jesus Christ.
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The Baby Boomer Generation is the generation with the most influential people in business and politics today, and you can see where that is leading us. We’ve had prayer taken out of school, disgustingly perverted music industry, morally drained television and movies, civil initiatives promoting gay marriage, porn invasion of the internet, and 50% of all marriages today are ending in divorce.
If nothing changes, at the current rate that the Evangelical Christian population is falling, only 4% of the Millennial Generation will be qualified Evangelical Christians.

Here’s what 4% might look like:
• In Sweden last year, Pastor Ake Green preached against homosexuality and other sexual sin because he was fed up with his nation’s embrace of the homosexual lifestyle. Pastor Green was sentenced to prison under the “hate speech law,” even though he ended his sermon with a message of grace and
• In the Netherlands, it is now legal to euthanize children. Nearly one-third of pediatricians have killed infants, and twenty percent of those killings were done without the consent of parents. These doctors will give a deadly shot to a child if they believe the child’s suffering is intolerable or if he/she has an incurable illness. It is completely up to the personal discretion and conviction of the doctor.
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There is so much more information that they have freely available on their web site. I encourage you to check it out and download the documents they have available for free.
Battle Cry for a Generation

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