High School Reunion

I received an email today from someone I went to high school with asking for snail mail contact information for our 10 year reunion. She got my email address from Hamshire-Fannett.com. I’m not old enough for that, though. It’s only 1 year away.
I’m supposed to have more to brag about before the 10 year reunion comes around, aren’t I? I mean, what else is there to do at these things? I didn’t have a relationship of much meaning at all with 95% of the people in my class. If you’re one of the 5%, then you know who you are, but most of the people I miss from HS are from classes other than my own.
I just don’t have much desire right now to attend the reunion, but I may change how I feel between now and next summer. Who knows, I might have won the lottery by then! I guess right now, the only other reason to attend, other than to see the friends I had in HS, is to show off my beautiful wife and children(1 daughter with another little one on the way right now).

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