Phil Robertson – Christian

I couldn’t begin to count the number of articles I have read over the past three to four days (feels like weeks) concerning the “controversial” statements that Phil Robertson made.  This is the one I just read, so you can click on that to get a good understanding of why I and so many others are so outraged by the response of A&E.
The network is not fully to blame for the outrage, however.  GLAAD and the rest of the LGBT community are responsible for most of it.  To put it simply, you’re demanding that everyone not only tolerate your lifestyle, but accept it and approve of it, no matter what our beliefs are.  In other words, if our beliefs contradict what you desire, we need to change our beliefs.  It seems so easy when I type it like that.
A Christian is commissioned by God to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice to those who do not know Him.  A Christian is to be a light to the world, so that the rest of the world can see the Christian and how he lives, so they will try to find out what makes him/her different from everyone else.  Once the Christian has helped others to know Christ, it is then time to help them learn about God, and His plan (including rules) for Christians to follow.

There are certain things that people do that are not part of God’s plan.  For instance…

God does not want us to murder people.  As surprising as this may be, not everyone has a problem with murder.  Killing in times of war and murder are two separate things entirely, so I will not respond to anyone debating this.

One other part of God’s plan is that a man will marry a woman, and they will become one flesh.  The Bible (God’s word) goes on to very explicitly state that any sexual relations outside of the marriage (one man and one woman) is an abomination.

Using just those two examples really does not do God’s Word justice.  However, in light of what follows, I’ll let it sit for now.
The United States of America was founded on Christian principles.  Murder was included in the law.  Several states actually have laws against adultery, even though they probably haven’t actually enforced those laws in the past fifty years.  When these laws were created, a great percentage of the population of the United States of America was Christian.  Christian back then was much more strict than it is for most of America today.
It does not matter, really.  As Christians, our job is not to condemn the world or the people in it. The Bible teaches that we are all guilty of sin.  The Bible also explains what all of those sins are. The Bible also tells us how we can escape the penalty for sin (The Good News).
So for those who have made it this far, I want you to recognize one important thing.  Just because someone does not agree with you, that does not mean that they hate you or that they want you to burn in a lake of fire for all of eternity.  If your beliefs are different, that’s fine, but you are not going to change their mind by being hateful and calling them bigoted and other names I do not care to mention.
I’m fairly certain that over the past few days I have alienated some of my “friends” with some of the articles I’ve shared on Facebook.  But if they had actually taken the time to read what I had shared, they would understand that I am upset about the tendency for the LGBT community to call for tolerance of their lifestyle, but intolerance for those who reference beliefs that do not align with their lifestyle.
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FYI – My Experience with Police

You may have noticed my recent posts have been about how to handle yourself when encountering the police. Personally, I have only had decent encounters, with one minor complaint that did not infringe on my rights. My immediate reaction to police is to respect their authority. This is probably wrong.
I have never had my rights infringed, as far as I can remember. I should probably have a better understanding of my rights and how to make sure I keep them. As far as being prepared, just in case, I need to do my homework now, so that if I ever encounter tyranny, I will know the proper way to respond.
I do not condone police violence. Just want to make sure we’re clear on that. I also do not condone the infringement of the rights of innocent American people by the servants of the American people.
It is morally imperative that we prepare ourselves for any situation before we find ourselves in the situation.

Moron ATF Agent

Now, the first video shows what most would say is a moronic declaration by an ATF Agent, but the followup video explains that he may have had a point…
Now for an explanation of how to convert it…
What do you think? I honestly think the toy guns were probably too cheap to have lowers made to spec for an AR.


Out of all the debates so far, this one moment sticks out to me…
Obama mentions that Romney’s pension is probably invested in China. Romney comes back asking Obama if he’s looked at his own pension. Obama states that, no, he hasn’t, but it doesn’t really matter because Obama’s pension isn’t as big as Romney’s.
It’s been revealed that Obama has a pretty nice pension… A few, in fact. It has also been revealed that he does have money invested around the world, including China.
My favorite part of the new revelation is this… Romney doesn’t have a pension! He served his term as Governor of Massachusetts for free. Because he received no compensation for his work, he does not qualify for a pension! He knew this from the start, but he didn’t let on to that fact.
His humility has really made me appreciate him. I have heard countless stories of his helping those in need and giving of his time to help others. The best part is that I haven’t heard these stories from him, but from those who surround him. He does not seek glory for his good works, but is instead embarrassed when others talk about what they’ve seen him do.
I’ve got to admit that I was not a Romney supporter until yesterday. I’ve liked Ryan for a while. Namely, I first took notice of Ryan back when the healthcare debate was going on. I’ve heard snippets about Romney for years, but never looked into his background.
I urge you to do the research as I did. While he may not be the best candidate, he’s one of the best we could have hoped for in the past few decades. He leads a life based on principles, not social etiquette. He has shown the ability to turn economic debt into economic wealth.
Looking at our national debt, he’s proven that he can fix an economy and help the private industries create jobs. The last thing we need is more government jobs. The more public jobs there are, the more private jobs have to give the government to pay for them. Eventually, we’d all end up working for the government. Then we’d just be in a downward spiral.
Obama wants to create more public jobs. He says that’s the best way for recovery. He’s lying to us and he knows it. He is not a dumb man. Lets get this liar out of our house.

New Job – Are You Better Off?

About a month ago I started a new job within the company I’ve been working for over the last four years.  I guess I’ve never gotten into my career background on here, or maybe I have.  Either way, I’ve spent the last 4 years doing maintenance and support on the DCS at a few of the largest oil companies’ many sites.  I’ve gained experience with Honeywell and Foxboro control systems.  I believe I made a post when I first began, but it’s been a while.
I learned a lot while I was there, but the politics of large corporations get complicated.  I was ready to get out just under a year ago.  The funny part is that I did not really make much effort to leave.  About four days after an ‘incident’ occurred that caused me to look for new opportunities, I got an interesting email from a recruiter who had found me on LinkedIn.  I had pretty high hopes for the move, but it didn’t pan out.  I didn’t have experience with their specific brand of control system.  A few weeks later, I got another email from another company, but the move wouldn’t have worked for my family.  I had gotten back into the swing of things, and had gotten accustomed to the changes happening at work.  A few months later, I got a tip about a job that might have my name on it, but the company that was going to hire me didn’t end up getting the contract.  I got two other emails from other companies who found me on LinkedIn within the same few weeks that were for short projects in other states, but I’m not going to leave a semi-solid job for one that’s guaranteed to last only a month or two.  Then about a month later this company from Colorado emails me about a permanent position in a remote area of Wyoming.
I had a performance review about a month later, and was asked if I would be interested in another line of work.  This new line of work would allow me to work 4 10 hour days a week, and make anywhere from 25-45% more than I am currently making.  I had a class that taught the basics of the job, and felt that I could possibly succeed in it and said yes.  Six months later, I finally started the new job.  I don’t work in the plants anymore.  Christle said I’ve been coming home in a better mood after 4 weeks.  I’ve learned a lot, but have also brought a bit to the table.  My work is being done well, and I’ve been complimented on how quickly I’ve picked up on what I’ve done so far.
I have had no experience in this line of work, and they really took a chance on me by giving me this opportunity.  I really appreciate all of the trust they have in me to give me this opportunity.  Of course, this first project that I’m working is a test, so I can’t really make any solid assumptions yet.  I really feel that I’m exceeding their expectations of my progress.
On a similar, but completely different note…
I’ve heard a lot of people say that you can decide on who you want to vote for by asking yourself the following question… “Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?”  Well, yes I am.  The problem with the question is that it gives the power to those in office.  They had nothing to do with what I’ve done in the last four years.  I live in Texas, a state that is insulated from the highs and lows of this nations economy.  A little over five years ago, a former boss told me that I had just about topped out in pay rate in my position.  I started going to school, got a better opportunity, and the rest is history in the making.  The Hand of Providence has led me to be better off than I was 4 years ago.
I’ll guarantee one thing, though.  Just like 4 years ago, I will not be voting for a Communist.

Stupid Nissan

Watching the game today, I keep seeing these stupid Nissan commercials. “What if everything ran on gas?”. Imbeciles! What do you think you’re charging your electric vehicle with? All this commercial does is make me want a motor installed on all my appliances so that I can burn a little more gasoline. Ok, I guess it also makes those morons who can’t think for themselves and are sitting on the fence about global warming fall on your side. I wont be buying a Nissan. I used to like you, but these commercials are utterly idiotic… worse than the recent Prius commercials.