Online Tools for Writing

I’ve recently started using two tools for writing that are new to me. is a mind mapping tool (think brainstorm chart) that helps put ideas on your screen. It really helps put all ideas on the screen in a manner that makes it easy to weed out weak ideas for the stronger ones (or vice-versa). The free version only allows for three mind maps, but that is really all I need (currently). is a writing tool that allows the user to write notes for private use by default, with the option to make them public. For anyone with a desire to have a (very) simple blog, this is where you want to go (Example). I went to export a note, and it said I had to have a premium account to do it, but then I clicked on the link to upgrade (just to find out the cost), and it upgraded me to a free premium account because it is in beta. The awesome part of that is that the upgrade to Premium is a lifetime upgrade… even when it gets out of beta, I have a premium account.
Anyway, feel free to check them out.

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