For most of my 38 years, I have lived a life of no concern for my health. I have done things to jeopardize my health and well-being, but I wasn’t really concerned about it. I have gotten rid of unhealthy vices, and I don’t feel the need to return to them (other than Blue-Bell). I’ll still have Blue-Bell from time to time, but only if I can retain my self-control.
I have never been called obese, other than being just over the edge of what the obesity charts state, which seems like a really low weight to be considered obese. My cholesterol has been rated a little higher than normal. LDL was even high, but not high enough to warrant medication.
This year, I decided to take action on my weight. In January of 2011, Christle and I had started Atkins and we both did really well until we became pregnant with Sunni. I held the weight off for quite a while before gaining it back with a little extra.
This January, we started the same thing, only a little more slowly. When Blue-Bell started making Rocky Road again, I fell off the wagon for a little while but held off the 15 pounds I had lost in the first 6 weeks of the year. In July, we started back up on the diet, and I’ve lost approximately another 15 pounds to bring my total for the year to 30 pounds lighter. My BMI is around 27.5 now, so that’s great.
I started walking in January, and eventually started jogging. I reached my first goal of jogging for a mile straight, then two miles, then three miles. In July, I started a training plan to run a 10K. I have to attribute my weight loss to both the diet and the exercise. I’ve been running on this training plan for a little over a month, and I’ve already run 5.25 miles, only stopping to adjust my shoes.
The next thing I’ve started is a workout plan using Runtastic Results. I just started my 4th week of the plan, and my jeans are too big to wear. My appearance in the mirror is incredible compared to January. I like the feeling of being healthy. I like the way I look when I’m healthy.
I’d really like to stick with it, and plan to.

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