Get Ready for a New America

America is completely different than it was just a few years ago… or at least it will be.  According to Obama’s own statements regarding his policies, many of our freedoms are about to be lost… no, make that taken away from us.
Those who said they were voting for Obama for economic reasons are completely out of their minds.  His energy policies alone are going to hurt us more financially than most of us have seen in our lifetime.  At least McCain was promoting using all of our resources to ween us from foreign oil.  Obama’s policies will grab a tighter hold of foreign oil.
I am disgusted at the idiots who swung this election.  I hope they don’t get stuck in the rut that keeps us here.  They don’t understand who they voted for, or what he’s going to bring us.  What makes me even more sick, is the fact that most of these people are students, who are working to better themselves.  Their work will be in vain, as well as my own, if all that’s going to happen is punishment when we succeed.
Success will continue to be my goal as I continue my education.  I am very glad that the democrats do not have a super majority in the Senate.  That is one of the few bright spots that I’ve seen tonight.  Maybe now they will have a much more difficult task getting free speech taken away from us.  Once that’s gone, it’ll be much harder to oppose the rest of the “change” Obama is attempting to present to us.

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