I have to admit, in an earlier post, I was disappointed with John McCain as the Republican nominee for President of the United States.  He has failed to show true conservatism, such as when he lobbied for amnesty for illegal aliens.  I was holding off on a decision on my vote based on his campaign, and his selection for his running mate.
I made my decision to vote for John McCain about a month ago, based on the alternative.  I do not wish to see our great country admit defeat, or raised taxes, to name a few reasons.  My confidence in the impact of my vote, to this point, was still questionable.  Up to this point, I was resigned to the fact that many uneducated morons would pick “change” over good sense.
I happened to be driving when John McCain announced his decision last Friday.  I was actually fearful that he would pick Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison from my own home state of Texas, due to her Pro-Choice beliefs, because that would cost many votes from true conservatives.  I had heard many names being thrown around for several weeks before this day, but Sarah Palin was not one of them.  I could not believe that he would pick someone who was so drastically unknown, at least to those of us outside of Alaska.
Her experience as Mayor of a small town and then as governor of Alaska is extraordinary.  She has made more important conservative decisions in her short career as governor than Obama has made (conservative or liberal) in his entire public career.  Listening to her acceptance speech last night during the Republican National Convention, I found myself impatiently waiting for her next words.
Sarah Palin is my favorite nominee on either ticket.  I am excited about this election, and completely confident in the success of the Republican ticket.
I feel I must go further… It is imperative that Obama is defeated.  He holds the record as the most liberal voting senator since he was elected.  His misguided economic, social, energy, and foreign policies are too liberal for this conservative to handle.  I am not a republican, but voting republican in this election is the only way to ensure that Obama doesn’t slip in to the White House.
I’ve got more, but I’ll write it later.

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