New Season

A lot seems to have happened since my last post.  I’ll keep it short, though.
I started my new degree plan at LIT this semester.  I am studying for an Associates in Instrumentation Technology.  It should allow me to stay busy throughout my life.  So far, I’m doing very well in all three of my classes, and it doesn’t look like that will change.
Heroes started back up last week, and it looks very interesting.  Before that comes on, Chuck is pretty funny.  It just doesn’t look like it can last very long.  It looks like it has a low budget, but I don’t know if it will have the ratings to stay on.  It was funny to see the reference to “Oceanic 815” from LOST.  Apparently it was shot down.  That had to be a real part of LOST.  I don’t see how ABC could throw that in without it having some truth.  Journeyman, however, looks great.  I like the concept, and the realistic consequences of his time travel makes it even better.  The main character, Kevin McKidd, was in ROME, and is the perfect part for this character.  It’s amazing how much younger they can make him look.
Alaina began piano lessons last week, and she’s really enjoying it.  After only one lesson, it’s difficult to know how well she’ll do, but we’ll wait and see.  She started going to dance classes this week.  She is in Jazz, Ballet, and Tumbling.  She’s very excited about this because she is always dancing, and has always wanted a stage to do it on.  Now she can practice and perform in front of everyone at the end of the year.  Her teacher says she did very well for her first day.
I don’t remember if I’d posted this before, but I got an accoustic guitar back in May and I’ve been practicing a lot over the past month.  I’ve finally started developing some callouses on my left hand’s fingers from playing so much.  I’m starting to get the keys down right, and I’m pretty close to being able to play all the way through a few songs without messing up too much.
The Texas Rice Festival is this weekend, and I’m looking forward to seeing a few people I haven’t seen in years.  Usually this is the only time of the year that people from here come back home, and hang out in public for everyone else to visit with.  It should be a fun weekend.
I guess that sums it up better than I thought it would.

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