President’s Poll Numbers Escalate

For the second poll in a row, the President’s poll numbers have come up.  This poll saw the President’s approval rating rise from 29% to 34%.  When you factor in the margin of error, and the fact that the poll questions are always skewed against favoring the President, I’d say his approval rating is somewhere between 45 and 50%.
The primary reason that his numbers are going up is most probably the fact that the troop surge in Iraq has been getting some good results that are apparently too good for the reporters to ignore.  The surge has only just recently begun, and the reports have been that more troops have made a tremendous impact.  The number of troop deaths per day has decreased with the surge as well.  Troop morale has made a shocking increase, and it looks as if that will continue.
One other reason that the President’s approval rating has increased is probably due to the number of presidential candidate debates on both sides of the aisle.  They all seem like the same words in different physical locations.  These candidates are doing nothing but making people lose consciousness in the boredom.  They make President Bush look wonderful.
I like the fact that these liberal dummies will have to stop using poll numbers to make their points once the numbers have increased.  The fact that they have used them so much has really been annoying.  What’s even worse, is when the senate had the lowest approval ratings in it’s history after a vote that supposedly let the administration know that they “wanted out of Iraq”.  I think they jumped to the wrong conclusion.  What America voted for was change.  We want to win this war on terror, and what our government was doing then was not getting the job done.  Once they were elected, the new senators did nothing to help the war.  That’s why they are so unpopular.
Somebody needs to let them know that we are not against the war, but we’re against losing the war.

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