A Night at Days Inn

First off, I have to say that Days Inn has been a nice place to stay in the past.  I have had problems in the past, but that was due to local travel taxes that didn’t have anything to do with Days Inn business decisions.
I checked in this afternoon to a Days Inn that looked like it needed some maintenance and cleaning done to the outside of the property.  We dropped off some of our luggage to a room that smelled like a smoking room when I clearly asked for a non-smoking room.  The room was non-smoking, but I’ll explain my hypothesis on the smell later.  We went ahead and left to participate in the evening’s activities.
When we returned, I turned on the television about 15 minutes later to find that every channel except one would black out after being on for 15 seconds.  I called the front desk, and she reacted as if she knew about the problem, and that they “couldn’t figure out the parental control code that a previous customer had set up.”
They relocated us and the television worked, and the smell is better than the previous room, but it still smells like smoke.  We found that some ants were in the sink area about 30 minutes after we had already made ourselves comfortable, and decided to just deal with it until tomorrow, since we luckily had already had reservations at a higher quality hotel.
Christle tried to give the girls a bath, but the tub wouldn’t stop the water, so she ended up helping them take a shower, which was pretty difficult for her to do.  When I got out of my shower a little while later, I grabbed the last of our three towels that were thin and couldn’t have held much more water than one of our washrags that we have at home, when I noticed the reason for the smoke smell.
They don’t keep the smoking and non-smoking sheets and towels separated here!  The smell has penetrated the fibers of these fabrics and cause the entire facility to smell absolutely disgusting.
The only good thing I have to say about this place is that the wireless connection I’m using to post this was the easiest to set up out of every hotel/motel/inn I’ve ever stayed in.  Although, I’m not entirely sure that that is such a good thing.

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