Back to Work

Well, I have to admit that I told Christle around noon yesterday that I didn’t have to return to work until tomorrow, and she took it better than I had expected.  We had a nice weekend.  People came over, I smoked my first turkey (it took forever to get it lit), ate a big Christmas dinner, and played a few new games.  Having company over this weekend was a pleasure.
That being said, I must return to work tomorrow morning, and I already know that my plate is full.  Only three days in this week, and I’m fairly sure that I will not have much down time.  I actually spent some time today placing some orders for work online.
I’m listening to a few new podcasts recently, and I’m planning to post a few of my suggestions soon.  If you’re new to podcasting or interested in finding out what they’re all about, I’ll try to explain the process a little more in the future.  The one thing I’d like to make clear up front is that you don’t have to own an Apple iPod to be a podcast subscriber.
I know I’m not the only person returning to work tomorrow or sometime soon, so good luck getting over the break and getting back into the swing of things.

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