Took a Break

I was getting too overwhelmed at work for the past few weeks so I decided to take a long weekend.  I took thursday and friday off to do some shopping and get some stuff around the house done.
I mowed the grass yesterday, and it’s a good thing I did instead of letting Christle talk me into slumming it all day.  It has been raining here since I woke up this morning.
I have an official “farmer’s tan” now.  I don’t know why, but I’ve been putting off writing to this thing… I think I forget what this thing is all about every now and then.  It’s about what-ever-the-heck I want it to be about.
Luckily, right now at least, there is PayPerPost to help cover costs associated with this site.  Not that my posts add anything of relevance to society in the grand scheme of things, but it does give me a place to vent when the urge hits me.
My third semester of school started this week.  It’s going to be difficult, but I can do it.
My buddy Steven and his wife Becky just had a new baby yesterday.  Congratulations, Steven & Becky!

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