Getting Ready for Another Semester

Only one more weekend to go before I have to start hitting the books again.
I’ve actually already started reading ahead.  It looks more interesting than I had anticipated.
I’m coming up with a few ideas for a podcast.  My main problem is picking a topic.  I love watching the Diggnation podcast on a weekly basis.  I also like listening to Jay and Jack’s Lost Podcast.  They are pretty funny, and really do a great job on everything but the volume throughout the shows.
I feel pretty confident that I can produce high quality, I just don’t think a one-man show can really do that well in the podcasting sphere.
I can’t remember the name of the podcast that was solo, because apparently it fell off the charts due to lack of subscription renewals (which are free, by the way).  The one that I listen to on a daily basis is great.  I pay for the subscription to his site,, and he is absolutely worth listening to.
I really want to do it right, so if I don’t post one, it’s because I didn’t get it right.  I have the hardware, software, and know-how to get it done, but I might have to get someone to co-host it with me to make it really good.  Christle isn’t really into this sort of thing, so she’s out.  Any volunteers?
I guess I got a little off topic…

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