I Got Paid!

I posted a few weeks ago about PayPerPost.com and that post and a two others since then have been PayPerPost entries. I have been paid $20 for those posts combined!
I have received my money and was surprised to find that the site really is legitimate. I have used some other services in the past that were intended to make money easily online, and none have come to fruition. I will use this money to maintain the site. I will not post about anything that I don’t believe in, but I will post often enough to make enough money to keep this site up.

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I’m going to make $10 for this post alone, just like I did in the original post. The reason I couldn’t post this earlier was because you have to keep the posts up for at least 30 days before you get paid. Hey, that’s a small price to pay for talking about a real money maker.

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