Stupid Stuff

It’s amazing how much stupid stuff can change the plans for an entire day. I had a lot to do today, but was forced to change my entire schedule on 2 hours notice for a 3 hour meeting that concerned the processes for something that I will not be involved in. I had some good ideas for the process, but those points were made before I could speak up.
I had to take an ergonomic assessment because the person doing the ergonomic stuff saw me at the site just before the meeting and said my desk was all wrong. I don’t spend a lot of time there, but I have to stay ergonomically correct. That took some time, but I will get a new chair out of the deal.
I worked on my legs today. It felt really funny, because other than running, I haven’t worked my legs in a long time. I’m not that sore, but that’s probably because I wasn’t working with enough weight. It’s kinda hard to judge how much weight to put on when I haven’t worked my legs in so many years. I’m sure it’ll get better.
I mowed the grass tonight, and the lawn looks really good. I listened to praise and worship music on my iPod while I was mowing, and I know I was singing pretty loudly. It’s fortunate for the neighbors that they don’t live very close. I’m sure my voice doesn’t sound that good over the lawn mower.
I’ve got to spray the lawn with the Cutter mosquito spray tomorrow morning after my haircut because a new set of bigger mosquitos have nested here. I’ve heard them called tiger mosquitos. When you can actually see stripes on them, is that bad?

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