Lazy Saturday

Yeah Right!
I mowed the grass last night.  That was a chore because I hadn’t been able to mow for like 2 weeks.  I had to keep half the deck out of the high grass because the belt came off of the wheels it was being so stressed.  It took me about 15 minutes to get it back on, but I figured it out.  I’m just glad it didn’t break.
I’m about to go out and spray the lawn for mosquitoes.  About 2 weeks ago, if you walked outside my house, you’d get attacked by thousands of mosquitoes that apparently nest in the grass.  I used a spray by Cutter that you attach to the waterhose to treat about 5,000 square feet of grass.  The next morning I might have seen 10 mosquitoes, but that evening when I got home I didn’t see one.
Apparently after one treatment, it is a good idea to spray the lawn down again a few weeks later to let the ground absorb more of the poison, and then you only have to spray just a little less than once per month during mosquito season (being in Texas, that’s like all year).
I haven’t done any schoolwork this week, but I do need to congratulate myself that even though I have done a lot of procastinating this semester, I have an A in both classes at the midpoint.  I had a 91 on my midterm for Accounting, but that was mainly because it was an open book test that was multiple choice and timed (strictly).  I only mention that one, because it was the one I was really concerned about.  Anyway, I have to do all my schoolwork today and tomorrow.  Hopefully I can get it out of the way today.
I have to work out today.  I meant to start working on my lower body earlier in the week, but I still haven’t started.  I did get some upper body workouts, and I also jogged 1.5 miles in under 14 minutes again (13:40).  That felt great, but it didn’t leave me any energy for my upper-body workout that day.  I didn’t get to finish it.  I guess I need to plan my workouts better.
My aunt and uncle from Texarkana are coming down today, and we’re going over my grandparents’ house to have dinner with them.  We don’t get to see them very often, and with his job, they don’t get to stay very long, either.  It should make the day come to a little more relaxing end.
Well, I think I’ll move past this method of procrastination and have some breakfast.

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