Big Brother 7

I have been looking forward to this ever since the end of Big Brother 6.  I already know who’s in the house, and I’m not going to spoil it for you.  I already know one of the big secrets, and all I can say is this… “Power Comes in Pairs”.  To some that may be too obvious, but for the rest of you, who’s reading this blog, anyway?
The thought of so many people being in this game that have already thought of what they’d do if given the opportunity again being in one house astounds me.  The only way to make it more interesting is to mess with all of their expectations of the rules and the house itself.  The fact that CBS absolutely “must” change the rules makes for some tremendous anxiety.
I’m in the middle of a semester of school.  I hope I can maintain my focus on my schoolwork for the next 6 weeks so I can really enjoy the show after finals.

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