MySpace Phenomenon

I don’t understand it.  Yet, I do understand.
I remember years ago when AOL was “the internet”.  It was fun to just get in a chat room and chat with random strangers.  It was easy to get to know people and even make up an alternate personality just for fun.
The funny thing is, as soon as I get my account set up on MySpace, I find Tagworld.  It was only a week later when I found Yahoo 360.  The same day I found the same type of service from MSN.
There’s one major problem with this.  There needs to be a centralized place for all of these services to interact with each other.  The problem with all of the chat services out there is that they do not open themselves up to communication with each other.  These new services will have the same problem if someone doesn’t address this issue.
The idea of MySpace is incredible.  Now that there’s competition, there’ll have to be changes.
I hope Michael Robertson has noticed the problem, and can come up with a solution.  He seems to have an answer to all of the internet communication issues.

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