Today’s Change of Plans

I woke up this morning with the expectations of going to see The Chronicles of Narnia today.  My daughter convinced me to spend it with her.
We went to the park to play.  We then went to the fitness center to find out about membership info (another new year’s resolution).  We then shared an awesome pizza from Village Pizza & Seafood.  I took her to the mall to ride on the carousel, where I got sick the second time around, and had ice cream afterwards.
I took her shopping for some stuff for her birthday party, picked up some bottled water, and went walking at the track at the local middle school.  She was so thrilled that I couldn’t stop her from running almost the entire time.  We came back home and she drove her little Jeep up and down the road a few times until it was too dark to stay on the road.
I had a blast today, and it’s all thanks to my daughter, Alaina, and the fact that I was able to see what was more important in life.

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