The Magician’s Nephew

I have just finished reading The Magician’s Nephew, the first of The Chronicles of Narnia books. It is absolutely amazing. How anyone can read it and not see God in it, is absolutely ridiculous. I had to stay up later after I finished reading just to get over the excitement and goose-bumps that the references to God had given me.
When I say references, you may think that I’m talking of subtleties, but it is outright, in your face, references that explain how God can be active in a universe filled with fantasy. I challenge anyone who doesn’t see the Christian message in the movie to check out the books. You must read from the beginning.
I haven’t seen the movie. I definitely will now, because there’s only so much you can change going from a book to a movie. I heard that the BBC production of it was terrible. I will post my thoughts on the movie this weekend. I must see a few matinees this weekend now.

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