Christmas Shopping

Christle and I went Christmas shopping yesterday, despite the fact that I was sneezing and coughing up a storm. We also went out to eat for her birthday.
I was amazed by how many people were out and about. It really makes you wonder where all these people are during the relatively normal times of the year. I felt the same way when everyone was taking off to get out of Houston for Hurricane Rita.
We drove by Best Buy around 4pm, and there were 2 tents set up and a line forming behind them. I told Christle that they “had” to have a shipment of Xbox 360s coming in and that they were staking claim to one. I just read somebody’s rant about the fact that they had limited quantities (DUH!), and that people were getting duped into buying a $449 laptop if they couldn’t get their hands on one of the available xbox 360s. They were upset with Best Buy, but I honestly feel that Best Buy was just making the best of what Microsoft was giving them to deal with.
Microsoft should have had more 360s available before they released them. They also should have released the xbox 360s with the hard drive and stuff included in one package for no more than $300, but that’s another story. IMHO, they really should have given the console away for free with a purchase of $300 or more in games, controllers, live gold service, etc. Then, they’d have a 360 in almost every gaming home in America. They’d have the majority of the market. Maybe I’ll finish this another time.
I had no problem, getting into Best Buy and getting what I needed in less than 6 minutes. I went to Old Navy, because I knew they were having some good sales, but when I went in, they didn’t have anything in my size, so I walked back out empty handed. Bath & Body Works was more packed than usual, and I got so confused with all the different smells, that I left and made Christle go in to find what we needed.
Walmart had about the same number of people in it as usual, and we were in and out of there in relatively good time.
I feel much better today, although Alaina’s not feeling too well.

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