Ghost Image

Well, I’ve installed a few more programs and made sure that I’ve configured most of my hardware with updated drivers. I started creating an image file about 5 hours ago, and it looks like it will take another 4 hours. It looks like my Windows XP partition is around 18 Gigs.
With all of the programs installed, updates downloaded and installed, and Windows configured the way I like, I think this will save me around 9 hours of work. Actually, it will save me more like 18 hours. I won’t be able to use my main PC for about 9 hours, but all I have to do is start the program and move the image file to the proper partition. I won’t actually have to sit in front of the computer for any of the actual input stuff either.
I would recommend to anyone who finds themselves regularly reinstalling Windows, to create yourself an image file after your next reload. It makes the process go SO much more smoothly.

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