Smallville – 507 – Splinter

This was a pretty good episode. It seems to propel Clark towards his future.
Lana received a hunk of silver kryptonite with a note from Lex. Clark immediately gets stung with a splinter, and takes off. It seemed like he started seeing things that made sense, but also seemed way too stupid to be real.
When Clark was holding up the statements saying it was money, that was the defining moment of his sanity. He seemed to lose control of himself when he thought everyone around him was turning on him.
Professor Fine was surprisingly knowledgeable about Clark. He turned out to know exactly who Clark is. When Lex denied that he had seen the rock, I immediately pinned it on Fine. It only makes sense that Fine would want Clark to lose trust in the people he’s always had faith in.
We don’t know it for sure, yet, but it looks like Fine still wants it to look like Lex provided the Silver Kryptonite to continue the mistrust issues.

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