Good job, Astros

The Astros have never been to the World Series, until now. They finally made it, despite overwhelming odds. Such as when the Houston Chronicle printed their tombstone, or when Jeff Bagwell couldn’t stand the pain any longer, and had to undergo surgery early in the season.
We came very close to winning every single game of the Series. The deck seemed stacked against them in every game. That was magnified when Bud opened the roof of The Juice Box and left Houston out of the decision. “What’s best for baseball,” my rear. I really don’t think limiting the World Series to 4 games is really all that good for Baseball. I believe that we could have won at least one game in Houston if the roof would’ve been closed, and it would have generated more revenue for Houston, St. Louis, and Baseball. Stupid people make me mad.
We’re all proud of the Astros for making it farther than ever before, and as my dad said, “The sun will come up tomorrow, just like it did today.”

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