Smallville – 503 – Hidden

The intro was kinda stressful, and again, I loved watching the new credits. We then get to see Clark waking up next to Lana. This, I’m sure, was put into the beginning to stress the fact that Clark and Lana “got together”.
Chloe made the entire stressful scene with Clark’s parents a little more bearable and ultimately led to getting Clark out of the house. The only thing that was not really believable was the way people seemed to get around town so quickly.
Watching Clark get shot was weird. Tom Welling did a good job of pulling it off. His ability to act, IMHO, isn’t mentioned often enough.
We see Clark flat-line, pronounced dead, and disappear from the hospital in nothing but boxers.
The fact that Lionel has been inhabited by Jorel was kinda cool as well. Clark woke up in the Fortress of Solitude in his clothes? I don’t understand why he would be clothed? That didn’t make a whole lot of sense.
When Clark jumped onto the missile, it was really cool. The fact that he knew that he couldn’t be harmed by falling back to earth didn’t even seem to cross his mind. What if he would have fallen next to a meteor rock?
The way it didn’t show him trying to explain his sudden recovery to Lana was almost as if they couldn’t really figure out a way to do it. Then, I noticed that earlier, Lana got mad when Lex went into her apartment uninvited, but then just barged into Lex’s. Kinda a double-standard, huh?
A few holes in the story, but overall it was a great episode.

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