Astros go to NLCS!

For the second year in a row, the Astros are going to play the Cardinals to go to the World Series. After the best game in recent baseball history, maybe even all of baseball history, they win their series with the Braves in only 4 games.
I’ve got to admit, I gave up on the Astros at the middle of the 8th, when the Astros were losing 6 to 1, and turned on a movie. About 40 minutes later, my wife called me, I paused the movie, and checked to see the final score… 6 to 6 in the 11th. I watched every minute from then until about 2 hours after the game was over. If you didn’t get to see it, make sure you get a copy of the game to watch. I’m sure you can purchase a digital copy of it on for a pretty low price. —–UPDATE—– $3.95 to download the entire game. You can burn it to CD or do whatever you wish with your copy.
Let’s hope they can break the next cycle of losing to the Cardinals when it counts…

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