Supplies for Rita

Christle and I went to go for our normal shopping trip, and I figured I’d get some extra water, and a few things to cover us just in case we didn’t have power for a few days. We got to Wal-Mart around 5:30pm and they were running out of drinking water. I had a pretty good idea that people would be a little more cautious about getting supplies with everything that happened with Katrina, but I had no idea people would actually be fighting over the last of the drinking water!
I promise you, I am not overdramatizing this story.
I left Christle there to get the rest of the groceries while I ran down to Kroger to get drinking water there. At the Kroger store, everything was completely different. They were short on water, but I was the only one in the aisle getting all the water I could fit in/on my basket. There were no price hikes or anything; I actually bought the water I got on sale. The clerk acted like she didn’t know why everyone was getting so much water this morning. I didn’t feel the need to tell her, because she looked like she’d forget in a half hour anyway.
When I got back to Wal-Mart, I heard people on their cell phones, “You’ll never guess what they’ve run out of…”, and “I can’t believe a store that gets this much business would run out of WATER…” Stupid people don’t realize the way supply and demand work. There has to be a drastic demand before the supply will increase! I’m sure that tomorrow morning, every grocery store in our region of the Gulf Coast will have triple the amount of water delivered that they had delivered this morning.
I guess Katrina really scared people.
The only thing I have left to buy is a few extra boxes of ammo…

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