Rebuilding New Orleans

It looks like the Bush Administration is going to take the advice of many conservatives and rebuild with a new blueprint. A city blueprint that involves ownership and accountability. They can get things built correctly with the future in mind. They can quite possibly take New Orleans from one of the poorest cities in America to one of the most productive if they plan everything correctly.
I’ve seen many Democrats stating loudly that we need to rebuild New Orleans just the way it was, politics and all. The problem is, the Democratic Party has had a stronghold on the state of Louisiana for over 60 years, and we can all see where that has gotten them. I believe they are still there for the most part, because the fact of how they got where they are still hasn’t come to fruition to most of them. It is now known by almost the entire world that the people in Louisiana were among the poorest in America, and most dependent on the government. If they hadn’t been told all their lives that the government would always take care of them as long as they kept voting for the Democratic ticket, they might have had the driving power to get off their rearends and make something of themselves instead of just letting the government take care of them through Welfare.
We also need to stop sending so many people from outside New Orleans to do the building. Let the people who’ve been displaced come back and take pride in their rebuilding efforts. Maybe then they will have a better sense of ownership when the city is back up and running, so that New Orleans will stay clean and attractive for decades beyond their lifetimes.

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