Google Moon

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Google Earth, but they’ve come up with a Google Moon. The creative people at Google have added some images to the map of the moon using some pretty liberal creativity. For those that are interested in seeing some detailed views of the moon’s surface, zoom in as far as possible on almost any part of the surface.
Another pretty cool part of the thing is that it shows where Apollo missions 11-17 landed (minus 13, of course). I didn’t know that they landed so close to one another.
I just checked to see if there was a Google Mars, but apparently they haven’t gotten there yet, or maybe they just haven’t had the time. They recently decided to offer a second public offering of stock options. They were recommended to offer around 15 million shares, and they decided to offer exactly 14,159,265 shares to raise approximately $4.2 billion for more projects. You may realize that the number is pretty strange, but familiar. That’s because it is a derivative of PI.
These people are talented and also have a pretty good sense of humor. I don’t know any tech out there that wouldn’t want to be working for Google right now.

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