New Orleans Flooding

I’ve had conversations with people over the past few years about New Orleans being hit with anything that would cause flooding. I’ve known that it was going to happen in my lifetime. I just didn’t think it would make me feel this bad for everyone out there.
I just can’t wait to see if the rest of the world bands together to send help our way. Maybe the rest of the world will see how much we’ve sent their way over the years, when they realize they can’t help us as much as we will help ourselves. I have no doubt that some of the other nations of the world will send help, and it will be greatly appreciated.
The chances of the United Nations trying to take charge in relief efforts are pretty slim, even though they may pass some resolutions on the prospect of helping out.
The people affected by Hurricane Katrina need a lot of help. If you can’t help out financially, please send a few prayers up to the Big Guy for them. The prospect of losing your entire city and history has got to be pretty darn sobering.

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