Michael Jackson Verdict

I can’t believe that Michael Jackson didn’t get convicted of at least giving alcohol to a minor. At the very least, he should have gotten that!
I do, however, believe that the jury did the right thing. The prosecution should have made sure that the family didn’t have a history of trying to pull scams, and telling lies. There were so many holes in their credibility, that an honest juror couldn’t help but acquit Jackson. I know that most of America knows he has molested children in his past, but I know I could’nt pin him with THAT evidence.
There’s also a BIG difference between this and OJ, and Robert Blake. That’s the fact that there is major evidence in those two cases. I saw Craig Ferguson last night, and he was joking that Robert Blake’s alibi included the word “gun” and he was still acquitted! Every juror in the jury for OJ, KNEW that leather shrinks when wet! The other BIG difference is the fact that there were dead bodies.
With the Jackson case we’ll probably never find out what really happened. At least, not in this lifetime.

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