I have been an Astros fan all of my life. Not that my life’s been that long, but I have been.
I made it a point to watch/listen to as many games as I could all season last year, even when they weren’t doing all that well in the mid summer. It felt really good to see them get so close to the World Series. I even felt good about the season as a whole after they lost the National League Series.
I felt even better to find out that Roger Clemens had signed on for another year. Brandon Backe had been picked as a starter and Andy Pettitte had been getting better. Berkman was getting close to full recovery, and the only real big question was whether Burke or Biggio would be starting at 2nd base.
The first 2 weeks of the season were pretty good. Then they started playing more road games. I almost feel sick to my stomach when I see the scores come across my pager. I’m kinda scared that we’re not going to get to the Series until the club’s 50th season and then we’re probably not going to win it until the 75th or 100th.
I really hope that’s not the case. And I’d love to get tickets and go to a game even if it were today. I’d root and cheer for the Astros during the entire game. I just wish that it weren’t so depressing when they have these streaks of bad luck. It’s so hard to detach myself from the way they’re playing, and not let it affect my daily life.
It’s almost as bad as rooting for the Texans, even though they’ve only had a few seasons. At least they were pretty close to a .500 season last year.

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