I have long believed that God still heals today, just as He did in the times of Biblical writings. I have heard many stories of physical healing that has taken place right in front of people. I have also heard of internal healing from terminal illnesses.
Christle’s grandfather had a disease that no one else, to our knowledge, has ever recovered from. He has no signs of it anymore.
While I didn’t see any physical healing or hear of any healing that took place on our mission trip to Peru, I have experienced a physical healing myself while I was there.
For about 6-8 months before the trip, I had been developing several callouses on the bottom of my right heel. They had gotten very deep. Mom said that if I didn’t go to a doctor to take care of it soon enough, I could have some major problems in the future.
I remember looking at them the night before I left for Peru, hoping that they wouldn’t hinder our trip. They had already been causing me pain while walking.
On Sunday, we spent hours standing in the front of the church praying for others. While I did witness things I had never seen before, I did not see physical healing take place, and I was a little bummed about it, because I had heard that it happens more frequently on mission trips outside of the States because those people have nothing else to turn to other than faith in God. My only reasoning available was that I apparently didn’t have enough faith. Trust me, I saw things that God could have healed right in front of me, and I would have been able to SEE it.
On the flight out there, I remember my foot hurting while I was standing in the back of the plane for a while. I don’t recall it hurting for the remainder of the trip. The day after we got back, when I had a break at work, I thought about those callouses because I came to the realization that they didn’t hurt. I removed my boot and sock, and my heal looked perfect. I even removed my other boot and sock to make sure my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me, but it looked perfect, as well.
I know callouses on my foot will not sound like a big deal to a lot of people. Compared to some scriptural healing, it is nothing. But God took a potential burden out of my life, and I didn’t even have to waste one minute looking for a doctor.
God 1-upped me and instead of showing me His healing power through my sight, He touched and healed me!

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