Prepared to Start

I have just finished cleaning my desk and my PC so that everything will be nice and tidy for school.  Despite my intentions to do that back in December, I have continued the habit of letting my desk get out of hand.  So for now, I have remedied that problem, and my goal is to have a clean desk throughout the semester.  If I can do it for 11 weeks, I should be able to maintain it for good.
I had not realized how cluttered my desktop had gotten.  It’s amazing how often I’d save stuff there simply because it was something I thought I might use frequently.  If it wasn’t for that reason, I would save it to the desktop so that I would remember to do something with whatever the file was.  Now I’ve got my Quick Launch bar loaded with all the shortcuts that the Start menu takes to long to access, and my desktop looks like I have a fresh Windows XP install.
The best part of the communications class is that it might promote some better writing on here.

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