Deleting Friends

I started deleting friends from MySpace.  One of them asked why I kept saying I was leaving and didn’t just leave… she’s gone.  I don’t care.  She wasn’t really a friend anyway, just someone who wanted to date me in high school, but I wasn’t attracted enough to her to actually start anything.  I know that may sound mean, but it’s true.  Her message wasn’t all that nice, either.
It’s funny how easy it is to let go of relationships when you get older.  It takes real effort to maintain relationships now.  That is probably why so many marriages fail these days.  Christle and I determined to stay together until death when we got married.  It seems that most people think they can change their mind 5 years down the road, and look for other relationships while they’re married.
With access to as many friends as you want, there needs to be a new word to describe people who used to be defined as friends.  “Best friends” doesn’t do it any more, because in today’s terms, “best friends” could mean someone you actually speak with on a weekly basis, yet never talk about anything that has any actual meaning.
I’m going to try to think of a new word to use with the old definition of friends.  Let me know if you think of one first.  If it’s a good one, maybe we can build a relationship and become “_______”.
While we’re on the subject, maybe we can come up with a new term for “marriage”?  Maybe we can come up with something that will have a more permanent meaning to society, such as “bondage”, but have a positive connotation, like “candy”.  “Cotton Bondage”?  “Candied Bondage”?  “Iron Love Candy”?  I’d use them, but they sound kinda naughty at the same time, so a lot of people would turn them down based on that fact.  Is there anything that would sound better?

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