Glenn Beck on TV!!!

I just heard yesterday’s show, and Glenn announced that in April(ish) he’ll be starting an hour long show on CNN Headline News!  It is supposed to be just like his radio show, except you will not have to be an Insider to see video of the broadcast!
I guess you’ll have to pay for cable, but it’ll be worth the cost of cable to be able to see Glenn Beck on the Big Screen (19″ TV in my living room) every evening during the week.
Ever since KPRC dropped Glenn from the schedule, I’ve felt a detachment from him, even though it’s only been a week, and I’ve listened to every podcast.  But now, I will get to see him on TV, and lose my sense of detachment!
I’d like to thank HBO, CNN, Glenn, and everyone else who worked to make this fantastic dream come to a… vision… that we all hope will be… a successful reality.  (Yeah, that sounds right)
I’ll post more info on the new show as I get it.

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