I’ve spent the better part of the day cleaning up my office and organizing my music collection. I’ve been ripping my CDs to mp3s and getting the CDs ready for storage. It’s fun to listen to some music I hadn’t heard in a while, yet know all of the words and the timing of every part of the songs.
I have a lot more CDs than I thought I did. Add that to all of the mp3s I’ve been buying on, and I’ve got a bigger than average collection.
The funny thing is that ever since I learned about, I’ve listened to more music than I remember ever listening to. I’ve felt more at ease buying more music because I don’t have to spend so much. The model for purchasing through allofmp3 has enabled me to buy so much more music, that I’ve probably spent more on the music I’ve downloaded than I would’ve put into Cds for the entire year.
It seems like a pretty good example of my views on economics. When you make it cheaper, more people will buy it. The better part is, more people will buy more of it. Over time, they’ll spend more than they would’ve spent had it been more expensive because they can split up their purchases over time instead of having to wait until they have a full amount to buy the expensive stuff.
When I think about buying a CD, I think, “There’s a pretty good chance that I may only listen to this a few times, so I’m not sure if $12 is the price I want to pay for this CD, especially when I only like one song on it.”
I sometimes will buy an entire album on simply because it doesn’t cost that much more for me to check out the music. I wish that the imbeciles running the music industry would look into selling their music for cheaper than a CD. They’re trying to make MORE money by charging the same amount as a CD and not getting a hard copy of it. It’s just a way for them to get more out of their music, when oftentimes it’s really not worth it to the average (would be) consumer.
I’m confident that if they’d drop their prices for music online and drop the DRM, that music piracy would drop dramatically.

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