That Line

You know which one I’m talking about, too, don’t you?  Some people call it pushing your buttons, I call it crossing “that” line.  Don’t cross it.
There are a number of different lines to cross though.  There’s the personal space line, such as when I’m changing clothes behind a door that’s not locked.  I don’t expect anyone to cross the line of the door without at least knocking first and making sure it’s ok with me.
One line could be borrowing a neighbor’s property.  You can come ask me to borrow some of my tools, and I’d more than likely be happy to make that happen; but come “borrow” it without asking, and I’d probably have a different reaction.  I guess over time that those lines move with stronger relationships, but you get the point.
I’ve never dealt with this one, but there’s the moral lines of relationships with the opposite sex.  Apparently a lot of people have a problem figuring out where those lines are without crossing them first.  I don’t want to get close enough to see those lines.  I have enough problems in my life that I don’t want any more to deal with.
Some people are annoying just to be annoying.  They know they’re trying to get a rise out of you, and they keep on doing it until they’ve accomplished their goal.  Their next step is to become calm and rational to make themselves feel as if they are better than the person who just lost it.  I guess you’d call it a self-promotion.  I figured out how to stop it today.  Ignore the problem, and only address the problem when absolutely necessary.  I’m not advising you to suppress the feelings that rise out of the annoyance, but I am advising you to let it go.  I feel so much better now.
My new class started this week, and it looks like it will be both easy and hard.  I will have to do a lot of reading, but overall it will be an easy class.  I just have to maintain my class schedule better than last semester.

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