Online Status Levels

I would like to see businesses across the country start setting up sites that allow their customers to go online and see their current status. I know that a lot of business do this with their sales process, and it is really convenient to be able to check out their site and see if my item’s been packed, shipped, or even what day it should get to my house, but I’m talking about a different kind of service.
Airports let you know how they’re doing on time. You can go to their website, or make a quick phone call to an automated system to see whether flights are on schedule or how far behind schedule they are. It makes it a lot easier to traffic the airport when everyone can get a clear picture of the time they need to pick someone up.
Hospitals, doctors’ offices, dentists’ offices, restaurants, pizza delivery, cable repairmen, phone repairmen, etc. have no such system. These are businesses that would GREATLY increase customer satisfaction. There has to be a way to get software similar to that of airlines.
We’re still waiting to find out when we can get to the hospital, and it’s really frustrating to still not have a clue as to what’s going on! They could probably have a lot fewer calls from people like us who want answers, if they simply gave us a place to stare at with simple explanations for their patients coming in to stare at, and not feel so helpless. With that note, I can also make the case that fewer calls from us would increase their productivity (not having to deal with us), and they wouldn’t fall so far behind.
You’ve probably guessed by now that we are still waiting for room at the hospital. L8r

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